My homework.By AlexChallenge 10

My homework.By AlexChallenge 10

This morning,I woke up,oh I’m sorry,my name is Banjo and I go to school because I’m a boy.I looked out of the curtains and thought,I’m ready for my yummy breakfast and got ready for school.

Going to school

Today is my first day at school,I am very shy and I hope I make some friends.My teacher is strict but knows a lot.At playtime I played with some older children playing skipping,with nursery rhymes.I liked maths,I mean,it was ok because today we learned about subtractio,I wasn’t keen on that.At lunch I had chicken legs and a cup of coco.When It eas hometime my mum had picked me up and I told her how much my day was fun.

Playing and eating at home.

Once I got home I played with my hullahoop for atleast a hour.Then my mum called me gor some soup,the slurpy soup was tasty.I went to my bedroom because I needed to do my homework.My mum had bought me a book about sacrifice.

Going to bed

When it was 6:00pm,I jumped in the bucket and got washed.Then it was time to go to bed.My mum whispered Goodnight to me.I went  to bed,I knew my god was always watching me.



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