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Literacy Homework By Alex

Literacy Homework By Alex

This a Lowry painting that we have been working on!                                                         

Describing words:



Dark colours

I would think it was a market so the lines are straight and long.

There was lots of triangle shapes

I would describe the work to someone that it would be in a busy town square and people rushing around shopping.

The  painting is called Places to go and things to do.


About the Aztecs.By Alex

About the Aztecs.By Alex

Where did the Aztecs live?

The Aztecs setteled in Mexico,though everyone was scared of them because the killed people. So they found a eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its mouth so they could build their own city!The Aztecs called their land,’The place of the prickly pear cactus’.

What did the Aztecs eat?

The Aztecs ate,well,they catched animals sometimes,they ate all different types of fruits like avacado and more.They had traditonal foods like soup,bread,butter.etc

Who did the Aztecs worship?

The Aztecs worshiped their gods their mum and day.They worshiped their god to say thankyou for giving them life also,their was different types of gods,like selfish ones,good and kind ones,like the war god,weather god,sungod.The sungod was the most important because if  he was unhappy,he wouldn’t bring up the sun and the world would end!

My homework.By AlexChallenge 10

My homework.By AlexChallenge 10

This morning,I woke up,oh I’m sorry,my name is Banjo and I go to school because I’m a boy.I looked out of the curtains and thought,I’m ready for my yummy breakfast and got ready for school.

Going to school

Today is my first day at school,I am very shy and I hope I make some friends.My teacher is strict but knows a lot.At playtime I played with some older children playing skipping,with nursery rhymes.I liked maths,I mean,it was ok because today we learned about subtractio,I wasn’t keen on that.At lunch I had chicken legs and a cup of coco.When It eas hometime my mum had picked me up and I told her how much my day was fun.

Playing and eating at home.

Once I got home I played with my hullahoop for atleast a hour.Then my mum called me gor some soup,the slurpy soup was tasty.I went to my bedroom because I needed to do my homework.My mum had bought me a book about sacrifice.

Going to bed

When it was 6:00pm,I jumped in the bucket and got washed.Then it was time to go to bed.My mum whispered Goodnight to me.I went  to bed,I knew my god was always watching me.



Star Writer

Star Writer

Please enjoy the stories that the children have been working very hard on over the last 2 weeks! We have been trying hard to add extra detail and accurate speech- can you spot any? Also… check out who is our start writer this time! Well done Caitlin! Who will it be next time?


Miss Brien

place of the sparkling waterfall

place of the sparkling waterfall

The  Ancient  Aztecs  believed  in  many  many  powerful  gods  and  goddesses. They  also  believed  that  human  sacrifice  was  necessary  to  please  the  gods. They  lived  in  mexico  700  years  ago.

The aztecs lived next to a quiet volcano, The ancient aztecs think that the volcano they are next to is dormant. Because it stayed quiet for 7 years however they are not safe.

So the firey ferocious volcano errupts. Only 10 of the aztecs survived, so they started to move on.

So the ten aztecs got a visit from a kind and loved goddess. “You shall find a new home, just follow my instructions, find a jaguar, it will lead you to your new home.

The aztecs had been looking for the jaguar for 10 exhausting years. One day on of the aztec person found a jaguar, so the jaguar started to walk in a perpesfull way. The aztecs followed the jaguar and led them to a sparkling waterfall with a rainbow. One of the men cried and said it was so beautiful. They built a City called the place of the sprkling waterfall.

The place of the Mexican volcano .By Kaya

The place of the Mexican volcano .By Kaya

 The place of the Mexican volcano

In Mexico lived many terrible Aztecs .The Aztecs beilived in many powerful gods and goddess .To make the gods do their jobs the Aztecs had to do human sacrifice .


The Aztecs  had no home because all the best places were taken .Because the Aztecs beilived  in human sacrifice none wanted them living anywhere near them . The neighbouring tribes chase them away . 

Spelton the mighty troop leader was searching for a home with his Strong troop and his bueatiful daughter , Elisia . Spelton was visited by a blue evil devil .

‘I have came for a mission.’

‘Hhhhiii . Im Spelton . How may I help you ? ” Mermed Spelton .

‘Don’t be frightend .I will help you find a home .’ Said the devil

‘ Im all ears !!!!!!! ‘ Spelton spoke cheekily ….




The place of Malik’s City! By Caitlin Neild ******Star Writer ******

The place of Malik’s City! By Caitlin Neild ******Star Writer ******

Over 700 years ago, Ancient Aztecs lived in Mexico and worshipped their Gods. To please their Gods, they believed that human sacrifice was necessary.

One day, the neighbours see the Aztecs and chase them away with burning fire. The neigh-bouring tribes didn’t want the Aztecs anywhere near them because they were dangerous. “Get away!” shouted an old women.

That afternoon, a little boy called Malik visits the gods. The Gods tell Malik he shall have  a city of his own. “You shall find your own city!” said a God.

“How can I, thats impossible!” exclaimed Malik.

“Believe me, you will find a Eagle, perched on a Cactus with a wriggling and colourful snake in its pointy and sharp beak.” he said with excitement. Although he found this very strange, he believed his words were true.

He had been walking for 7 years with no sign. He decided to take a break from all the walking he had been doing.

He began walking again and he came to a deep and swampy lake. He swam across it and got to the other side. Then he came to a colourful bridge and he looked over it. “I’ve found it!” Malik shouted with excitement. There it was, a Eagle, perched on a Cactus with a wriggling and coulourful snake in its pointy and sharp beak.

He called his city the place of Malik’s! On the first night, he was very happy he had is own city. He drifted off into a peaceful sleep he could finally call home.