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The place of the vast volcano.By Dylan

The place of the vast volcano.By Dylan
700 years ago the vicious Aztecs lived in the scorching country of Mexico. The Aztecs believed in many Gods but the most important God was the Sun God and the Aztecs believed the only way to keep the Sun God happy was to make human sacrifice.
Due to the Aztecs blood-thirsty reputation, when they tried to settle down in a different city the other tribes chased them away with bow and arrows. “Lets go they’re trying to kill us!”Shouted Monreya !
Suddenly, Monreya  was visited by the powerful Sun God! The powerful Sun God said “you shall have your own city because you have fed me!”

Facts of the Aztec god Tlaloc.By Dylan

Facts of the Aztec god Tlaloc.By Dylan

. Tlaloc is the god of rain and thunder storms.

. Tlaloc was worshiped in mesoamerica before the Aztecs even settled in Mexico’s central highlands in the 13 centry.

.Tlaloc is related to the storm god of Teotihuacan and regent land workers.

.Tlaloc was the God of the month.

.Tlaloc is shown with goggle eyes and fangs.

.Tlaloc demanded child sacrifices.

.One of the two shrines found on top of the Great Temple was dedicated to Tlaloc in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

. Tlaloc was linked to the watery world of the dead aswell as Earth.

.The people believed that Tlaloc lived in the mountain caves.

.Sacrifices and rituals took place in Tlalocs Temple.